Wednesday Homeschool Classes


Type your paragraph here.All students, educators and staff MUST wear a mask when taking classes at ArtReach. Masks will be provided if students do not have one.

ArtReach follows all COVID-19 Guidelines set forth by he Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Thursday Homeschool Classes



Classes Start: September 27th-December 13 (10 weeks)
Holidays:  October 8, 11. November 11, 24, 25, 26.
$75 Non Refundable Deposit for Materials is part of the 10 week class fee of $299.00

WEDNESDAYS 9:30-11:30 Ages 9-12
Sky Studies (5 weeks)

Let’s look up for inspiration in this class focusing on cloud patterns, sunrises, sunsets, dramatic storms and night skies. How can we portray the space, colors and movement of the sky? In a series of mixed media studies, we will develop skills in drawing, painting and looking closer at what is always above us. We will learn the science behind the colors of the sunset, paint moon phases, navigate constellations and distant nebulae and draw the ethereal glow of the Northern lights. Taking our cloud studies to the next level, we will also create a 3D hanging cloud light sculpture. 

Eco Art-Jen Swan  (5 weeks)
In this class we will explore ecosystems as a creative way to study the web of interrelationships in our environment. From coral reefs and rainforests to the polar regions, we will artistically portray their unique habitats, animals and plants and express the threats and challenges they face while searching for solutions. We will learn about socially engaged, community based artists and how they creatively propose new possibilities for sustainability. Working with a variety of mediums such as graphite drawings, painted canvas, clay, ink, pastels, natural and recycled materials, students will develop skills in art while flourishing in this creative biome! 

Lunch 11:30-12:00

12:00-1:30 ages 9-12
Interactive Fiction and Game Design (writing, coding with Twine)

In this fun and challenging course students will develop and  improve
their creative writing skills through the lens of digital game design. . No programming experience is required, though some light programming will be included in the course. Using Twine, an open source platform, students will write multi-pathway choose your own adventure stories, learn to program  through Twine and then develop digital artwork to enhance their stories.  Class will cover creative writing, Twine 2.0, and digital art.

THURSDAYS 9:30--11:30; Ages 9-12
World History through the Arts:  Renaissance 

The Black Death, Copernicus, Leonardo Di Vinci and Shakespeare; what do these have in common?  Come enter the age of Knights, Lords and Ladies and find out.  From the first Kings of England to the Age of Exploration, this challenging course will bring the story of the high Middle Ages to vivid life.   Joining together strands from geography, art, music, dance, drama, science and math we will explore history through hands-on projects  Students will use maps and timelines, perform research and read and be read to from primary source material. This class will draw connections from our readings and projects to current governing systems and contributions to art, drama and science. Weapons, plays, poetry, mythology, dancing and feasting a’ plenty. 

Lunch 11:30-12:00

Caldecott Connections to  Language Arts 12:00-1:30
Caldecott Award stories are the springboard for introducing units of studies where students will write and create art both analytically and creatively. Students will work to write well crafted, creative and descriptive assignments with attention to clear and grammatically correct writing.  Building on this clarity of thought, students will be challenged to think deeply and write about themselves and topics important to them in descriptive, logical and evocative ways.  Grammar, mechanics and usage as well as research skills will be taught.  Because language arts lessons focus so intensely on words we will also look to art, drama, music, movement and observation of the natural world as key ingredients to building openings for developing writers to safely experiment with writing technique.