Want to bring all of the ART and STEAM Learning elements of our in-studio AFTER SCHOOL CREATIVE ARTS IMMERSION PROGRAM to YOUR organization or school? Now you can!  We're MOBILE!  That's right, for as low as $10 per student ArtReach will work with you to design WORKSHOPS and/or CLASS CURRICULUM that incorporates everything we offer in our studio program in your space!

Are your students interested in working with CLAY?  Learning about MASTER ARTISTS throughout HISTORY?DRAWING "up" with a 3D pen? PAINTING.  PRINTMAKING.  STEAM Learning?  Our MOBILE CREATIVE ARTS IMMERSION PROGRAM is the perfect way to bring creative learning opportunities to school age students.

For more information about the program, please contact us by calling the studio at (774) 262-3953.     




artReach is a Working Art Studio  — painting,
drawing, ceramics, sculpture — Picasso, 
Pollock, Monet, Degas — printmaking, 
papermaking, fibers, stained glass — 
Art History, STEAM Learning, The Painted Word and SO MUCH MORE!

In response to COVID-19, artReach classes, workshops, and camps are now offered both in person (following all guidelines mandated by the State of Massachusetts) and virtually as part of our Remote Learning Program. In addition, artReach is a Remote Learning Hub for students and families who need a safe and supportive environment for their child to log-in to school each day. And once their school day is complete, students may participate in a variety of creative art classes — from music to Monet — enhancing their learning experience.  

Students who register for ANY of our programs, take part in a CREATIVE EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER!

Classes, workshops, and structured creative time, makes our high quality, exclusive programming, unique for families interested in an artist owned, hands-on, process over finished product CREATIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE for their child.  

We realize that today’s families have busy schedules, which is why we've designed our programs with flexible class times in order to accommodate as many young artists as possible. Students may register for our AFTER SCHOOL CREATIVE ARTS IMMERSION PROGRAM, where they may come to classes at the same day and time each week.  Students may enroll in our KIDS CLUB series of classes and workshops that interest them, and put more focus on specific types of ART methods and techniques.  Our R.E.A.D. Program (READ. ENRICH. ART. DEVELOPMENT.) allows our youngest artists and their parents or care givers the opportunity to learn together, and our exclusive program, "THE PAINTED WORD" brings reading, learning, language, and the ARTS, full circle for students of all ages and reading levels. Many of our programs have collaborative components, allowing our artists to take part in many of our open studio events and community art activities.  

Our goal is to foster a CREATIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FOR EVERY ARTIST.  To help them discover their own VISUAL LANGUAGE through technique, instruction, and a hands-on art experience that builds confidence and brings out the creative best in everyone.

Also included in our education model is our VISITING ARTIST PROGRAM, bringing Music, Dance, Poetry, STEAM Learning, Visual and Performance Art to our students through talented local Artists sharing their work and teaching what they love.

If you are looking for an ENRICHING ART EXPERIENCE for your child to be a part of, this is the one!  

For more information on our After School Creative Arts Immersion Program, After School Classes & Workshops, Remote Learning Programs,  "The Painted Word," and for safe, independent, transportation options for students coming from school to our program, please contact us by calling the studio at (774) 262-3953.