Let's Paint A Snowflake!

Friday, November 10th

6pm - 8pm

$5 per person (all supplies and instruction included to create 2 snowflakes - 1 to keep and one to donate)

Join us on Friday, November 10th, from 6-8pm, for a snowflake making party. Each guest will have the opportunity to color, paint, glitter, bead, and CREATE 2 beautiful snowflakes. One to take home, and one to be a part of The Snowflake Project, a collaborative, community ART"raiser" and Art Show in support of ArtReach, Project Art, CENTRO, and Main Idea. All supplies, instruction, and some "snowflake treats", will be provided. The fee for this event is $5pp.

The Snowflake Project is part of "REACH" - A program for creative social good. The idea behind the project is to "snow" good will, and funds, on projects and organizations in need, and whose mission compliments the mission of ArtReach, which is to provide quality, fun, and affordable fine art and STEAM learning classes and workshops to artists of all ages. The snowflakes donated from this event will be sold and/or auctioned off at the "Snowflake Project" event being held January 20th at The Sprinkler Factory.

This event is OPEN to the public. The cost of the event is $5pp to create 2 beautiful snowflakes, one to take and one to donate to the ART"raiser" event on January 20th. For more information and to register for this event, please visit our website at http://www.artreachstudioafs.com/community.html

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