ArtReach, and the "ArtReach Artisan Market" is committed to showcasing local artists, crafters, and makers, by opening up the studio three times a year and helping them promote and sell their work.

There is NO FEE for participation in the event, which is registered on a first come/first serve basis.  

ArtReach will provide tables, and wall space for display, and will advertise and market the event on social media, in print, and other media throughout the community.

Our studio hosts over 250 students and families each week in classes and programming, which will also be part of our client/advertising base.

Our first ARTISAN MARKET is Saturday, December 10th.  Dates for our Spring and Summer Markets will be released in December.

For more information, please contact Darcy @

We look forward to helping you share and sell your work!

ArtReach is very excited to be offering a new and unique opportunity for local artists to show and sell their work, the "ArtReach Artisan Market."  

Open to local artists and makers who are interested in selling and sharing their work, our market will run three times a year, in conjunction with other local events to help advertise and cross-promote to the public.

We are actively looking for local artists and vendors for our first event, the "ART STAR HOLIDAY MARKET" scheduled for December 10th from 9:00am - 4pm.  


• There is NO FEE to be in the show.

• Artisans KEEP ALL OF THE $$ from sales.

• ArtReach will provide a 6' table.  

• ArtReach will provide electricity (limited spots,   first come/first serve.)

• Wall space is available for artists who have    

  hanging work only (limited space/first come

  first serve.)

• The market will be heavily advertised on social   media, local newspapers, and art, craft, and    

  vendor sites.

• There will be a Facebook Page and an

  Instagram set-up specifically for vendors to

  show and promote their work. 

INTERESTED?  Please submit the form below and you will be contacted with more information and a contract.  There are 10 wall spaces available (for hangable work) and 15 table spaces available.   

This is a UNIQUE, BOUTIQUE style of Artisan Market!  We hope you can join us to promote and sell your work!