R.E.A.D. @ ArtReach! 

(Reading, Enrichment, ART & Development)

What is the R.E.A.D. program at ArtReach?

R.E.A.D. is a dynamic early literacy program built around movement, music, creative play, ART, and themed activities. Through these FUN series of disciplines, young children develop their skills and bring books, language, and ART into their daily lives.

What happens during a class?
Each week’s classes revolve around a different theme, including Gardening, Animals, Famous Artists, Dinosaurs, Pirates, The Earth, and more. We read about the theme, and then we act it, sing it, dance it, and CREATE it, in a hands-on, process over finished product, ARTIST OWNED, encouraging environment.

All class sessions are 10 weeks long, beginning Monday, September 12th.  You may register your child for as many classes as you would like per week.  All classes in the R.E.A.D. Program are parent/care giver and child.

Books, Fingerplays, Art, Sign Language and Songs.

Ages - 5-11 Months

Books, Fingerplays, Songs, and Hands-on Art Activities.

Ages - 9-15 Months
Ages - 12-24 Months

$45 per 1 hour, 10 Week Session


An introduction to Books and early Sight and Repetition Reading and Phonics, Fingerplays, Hands-on Art, and early S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) concepts.
Ages - 2-4 Years


An Early Literacy ART Book Club for

Emergent Readers

What is "The PAINTED Word" Program at ArtReach?

The PAINTED Word is a literacy program that incorporates a "whole book" approach to learning where language, words and pictures creatively bring

books and a love of reading into the daily lives of young, emergent readers.

What happens during a class?

Students are introduced to a different, age appropriate, book each week.  The author and illustrator are introduced and defined as to their role in the book, and then we read.  Sometimes together, with each child holding a board book version of the story so they may follow along.  Sometimes we read as a group and point out sight words, pictures, and add sounds and movement to our experience.  We ALWAYS make a connection to the ART!  How do the pictures relate to the story?  What is the style or technique the illustrator used?  Can you make a connection to the words and/or the pictures?  Can you create a NEW picture — a piece of Art — that shows how you feel about the story?

All of the classes allow the student to use THEIR own visual language to create an artistic interpretation of what they have read, how they see a character or character(s), or how they think the story will continue, in a CREATIVE, hands-on, process over finished product, ARTIST OWNED, encouraging environment.

Students will be taking work home, and be creating a story based portfolio of the books they have read over the 10 weeks.


Ages - 3 to 6 Years

For information on how to attend our R.E.A.D. Classes, or how to have this educational program come to your school or organization, please call the studio at 774-262-3953.