Good Morning ArtReach Families!

We are so excited for our Summer Program, which starts in just a few weeks.  Attached please find two forms.  One is our SUMMER PROGRAM INFORMATION SHEET, which has all the information you need to attend, and you may keep for reference.  The other is our SUMMER PROGRAM REGISTRATION FORM, which must be filled out and brought to the studio with your artist when you check-in on the first day of the program.

Please note the following:
.  On the Monday of each week of camp we will have a check-in.  Please plan on walking your artist in, signing the check in sheet, paying your weekly program balance (if you have one), and turning in your registration form.  You only need to turn in ONE registration form per child, and we will keep it on file for all weeks they are attending.

2.  For the morning drop-off you may park on the street in front of and around the studio, or in the EL Music parking lot, or in the parking lot across the street (there is a cross walk).  For afternoon pick-up, please use the street in front of and around the studio, and the parking lot across the street.  Please do not park in the EL Music parking lot in the afternoons.

3.  Please be sure your artist has sunscreen on them when they arrive (we do go outside), and that they have a water bottle.  Please be sure that they have a lunch if they are staying all day.  

4.  All of the artwork that your child creates will be put into a portfolio and sent home on Friday.

If you paid the deposit for each week your child is attending the program, you will owe a balance per child, per week,  You may pay the balance all at once, or you may pay your weekly balance on the Monday of each week.  We will have a list of balances due, but just in case, please bring the PayPal receipt you were sent when you paid the deposit and/or balance when you registered.

Thank You so much for registering you artist with us.  We are looking forward to a EVRY CREATIVE SUMMER!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the studio at 774-262-3953, or by email at

We will see you in a few weeks!

Miss Darcy








ArtReach Summer FUN Camp

is completely FILLED!!


at Worcester's


Your PayPal Receipt is your receipt for camp.  If you need an extra set of the camp forms you may print below, fill them out, and bring them with you to check-in.  We will have extra forms when you check-in your camper on the Monday of each week.  You may pay your camp balance (if you have one) at that time too.


SESSION ! — July 9th - 13th 


FULL Day Session, 9-4pm

Ages 5yrs to 11yrs

(early drop-off at 8am/late pick-up at 5pm)

Create all week in the Fine Art Disciplines.

We'll be inside the studio, outside the studio, oil painting, pinching clay pots, sculpting with paper mache, inspiration from Master Artists throughout history, collaboration with Visiting Artists, and so much more.  If your child LOVES art, then this is the week they've been waiting for!  Every artist will create a portfolio of their weeks work, and screen print their own ArtReach T-Shirt.

SESSION 2 — July 16th - 20th 
Full S.T.E.A.M. Learning Ahead 
FULL Day Session, 9-4pm

Ages 5yrs to 11yrs
(early drop-off at 8am/late pick-up at 5pm)
What is the SCIENCE behind Harry Potter? The CHEMISTRY behind the POTIONS? Have you ever PRINTED from a RAIN CLOUD? ENGINEERED a wind powered LEGO contraption? CAN you BUILD a TOWER with KEVA Planks? Would you like to EXPERIMENT with ACRYLIC POUR PAINTING? Try your hand at CODING an obstacle with OZOBOTS? ArtReach's AWARD WINNING S.T.E.A.M. Learning Program provides every camper with a week of hands-on experience's that promote the principles of S.T.E.M. with the CREATIVE addition of ART.  An incredible week of educational FUN, Visiting Scientists, and... every camper will have the opportunity to screen print their own Glow-In-The-Dark Galaxy STEAM Learning ArtReach T-Shirt!  

SESSION 3 — July 23rd - 27th 
FULL Day Session, 9-4pm

Ages 6yrs to 13yrs
(early drop-off at 8am/late pick-up at 5pm)

"Project Runway" is the theme for our Summer Session of The ART of FASHION. EVERY student will sketch a 5 piece collection, complete two FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS, machine sew and hand sew a BEACH BAG ROLL-UP that they can use all Summer.  We'll have guest ARTISTS joining us 4 of the 5 days, to teach us about skin care, hair care, make-up, jewelry, what to wear and what NOT to wear for every occasion.  We'll visit a local Bridal store and have a private viewing of all of the latest gowns, AND... every student will design a COUTURE outfit on a 22" dress form, which they will take home with them.  Fabric, draping, measuring, pinning, illustrating, designing, pattern making, sewing, and "SEW" much more. AND... each student will participate in our exclusive RUNWAY FASHION PARTY, which includes a complete portfolio of each Designers work, a champagne punch toast (non-alcoholic), and a FUN FASHION Photo Shoot!  If your child LOVES Fashion, this is where they'll want to be!

SESSION 4 — July 30th - August 3rd 


Ages 5yrs to 11yrs 
FULL Day Session, 9-4pm
(early drop-off at 8am/late pick-up at 5pm)

Spend a week with Master Artists throughout history.  CUBISM with Picaso.  IMPRESSIONISM with Monet. "Starry, Starry Night" with Vincent Van Gogh. Come and PAINT with several of history's most prolific artists, who will "speak" to us, and share their work, through the magic of technology.   Every artist will create a portfolio of their weeks paintings, and hand paint their own Master's inspired ArtReach T-Shirt. 

SESSION 5 — August 6th - 10th 


Ages 5yrs to 11yrs 
FULL Day Session, 9-4pm
(early drop-off at 8am/late pick-up at 5pm)
Have you ever taken a contact photograph using the SUN as your camera? Have you experimented with the Japanase ART of GYOTAKU?  Printed from a REAL fish? An OCTOPUS?  What can you find in NATURE to make an ILLUSTRATED mark with? Printmaking has been around for centuries.  One of the FINE ART disciplines, it allows the Artit to etch, ink, and mark a surface that can have multiple images pulled from it. Join us for a week of making, CREATING, and learning from a series of Visiting Artists on what can be made with this beautiful medium. Every artist will create a "Suite Of Prints" to take home, and print their own ArtReach T-Shirt. 

SESSION 6 — August 13th - 17th 
FULL Day Session, 9-4pm

Ages 5yrs to 11yrs
(early drop-off at 8am/late pick-up at 5pm)

We're MIXIN' IT UP" with a week of EVERYTHING we have in the studio!  Draw. PAINT. SCULPT. PRINT. BUILD. POUR. CODE. Let's use everything we have for this week of CREATIVE FUN! Every artist will create a portfolio of their weeks work, and "MAKE" their own mixed media ArtReach T-Shirt.   

Where Fine Art, Fashion, and STEAM Learning Meet FUN all SUMMER long!

Summer 2018

It's HERE!!! Another SUMMER of CREATIVE FUN with ArtReach!!

ArtReach is proud to again host our CREATIVE,AFFORDABLE,AWARD WINNINGSummer FUN PROGRAM, CLASSES, and WORKSHOPS for 2018!

​​Where Fine Art Meets FUN!